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  • History Roundup 25: Time Traveling Celebs? February 26, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback

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    Note that in Feburary, as an experiment, we’ll be releasing history links roundup most days at 12.00 GMT. If you want the proper post on the battle where the fewest died (perhaps), then please click. More exams today so this is a little brief…

    1) Time-Traveling Celebs: a new meme and well worth a look

    2) In Search of Eastern Perfume: Ottoman Scents

    3) Edge/Border/Limit/Frontier of Empire: terminology but interesting…

    4) Hitler was a socialist!: says one

    5) Hitler wasn’t a socialist: says another

    6) John Haldane the Gas Man: tested poison gas on himself

    7) Mr Selden’s Map of China: review

    9) Phantom Light of Deakin’s Wood: part 1

    9) The Golden Age of the Propeller: propellors on everything

    10) Killing Wolves: when it was still legal in the US

    11) Flood Uncover WW2 Bombs: UK

    12) Sultan and his 1000 Kids: the game plan

    13) WW1 Diaries from Britain Online: really exciting!

    14) Was WW1 A ‘Good’ War: Warning British perspective

    15) Buying a Welsh Haunted House: a cool 1 million

    16) A Brief History of Traitors: Philby et alii

    17) Gods of Famines: gnawing stomach

    18) Husband Hunting in 18 Cent. India: televisual

    19) The Murder of Owen?: A 17 Cent Mystery

    And other links: True Love Ways (Buddy Holly standard, greatest song of 1950s?); a Victorian publisher, which had escaped my notice (but no fairies); incredibly unhealthy foods that are actually quite healthy; and New Zealand PM addresses alien rumour;