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  • History Roundup 28: Nazis in LA March 4, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback

    shaking hands history

    And look out for today’s post on ‘confused paternity

    1) Abandoned Nazi Site in Hills of LA: ‘all rainbowy’

    2) Roman House in Arezzo: Tuscany, Italy

    3) Live Like Lenin, Be Buried Like Hitler: Mausoleum

    4) Sacrificial Altar: Neolithic Chinese city

    5) Buried Treasure at Point Dume: Spanish gold?

    6) Teaching Colonialism: 1940s Boardgame

    7) St George and the Pterodactyl: great illustrations…

    8) The Cloisters: The Middle Ages in New York

    9) 9 New Cumran Scrolls: get translating

    10) Storm of Steel: Greatest WW1 memoir?

    11) Headhunting Among Ohio Indians? the archaeological evidence

    Other links: How will millennials die and what’s gone wrong with democracy,