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  • History Roundup 31: including Viking Massacre and River Weapons March 7, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback

    shaking hands history

    Today’s post on medieval robots.

    1) Viking Massacre in Dorset: fascinating that they seemed to have been second-class

    2) Arabs Ate Lizards? Don’t tell the Emir

    3) Hating Andrew Jackson: early polemics

    4) Humans Shaping Forests 11000 Years Ago? Pre the Neolithic Revolution…

    5) The Dark Side of Vesuvius: Away from Pompeii

    6) The Vibratorium: music as panacea?

    7) The Mummy Lake: those pueblans…

    8) Rocket Cats: great illustration poor science

    9) Letter from Hungary to Egypt: in Roman times

    10) Ancient Rivers as Weapons: Adrienne Mayor

    11) Ancient Cancer: from a survivor

    12) Did Man Hunt Mammoth? interesting picture…

    Other links: something (the beatles) and dark energy.