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  • History Roundup 51 including Medieval Teenagers and Little Ice Ages March 27, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback

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    Today’s post on making mummies in the twentieth century

    1) Lessons from the Little Ice Age: climate change etc

    2) Lessons from Waco: no words…

    3) Medieval teenagers: kids, apprentices, beatings…

    4) Walking in the Moccasins of the Ancestors: remembering the ancients

    5) 7000 Year-Old Cave Painting: India

    6) Iowans in Rare 19 Cent Films: Short but striking

    7) More on the Viking Compass: after sunset

    8) Moving to Brooklyn: the horror!

    9) Roman Emperor in Egyptian Drag: actually a pharaoh, still fascinating…

    10) Edna Greenwood: Preserving the everyday

    And from the Beachcombing archives…

    11) Last Cavalry Charge in History

    Other links: Kids and their toys (great), the most important British debate (video) in a generation (?!), and butter is back.