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  • History Roundup 56 including Vicky Breastfeeding and Icelandic Witches April 2, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback


    1) Queen Victoria as Mother: not so bad

    2) Vanderbilt Wedding Cake Found: 90 years old

    3) Icelandic Museum of Witchcraft: a bit late with this one

    4) Excavating the Holocaust: Treblinka

    5) Sanxingdui: and the finds that are rewriting Chinese history

    6) Lost London: sketches of a forgotten city

    7) Screw Clovis! new findings in Brazil suprisingly old

    8) Paris Catacombs: 200 miles of tunnels

    9) Arthritis? Live in a whale

    And from the archives

    10) The Gypsy Kingdom of Yetholm: still looking for more history on this

    Other links: Oh happy day (Edwin Hawkin Singers), hyena eats genitals (witchcraft), an unusually lucid pro european article, and happiness and sex frequency.