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  • History Roundup 57 including Masks and the Holy Grail April 3, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback


    Today’s post is on migrating birds and geographical knowledge.

    1) A Lucky Witch: 1712

    2) Why I love her, 1920s: because she doesn’t wear stockings rolled below her knee

    3) Why You Should Avoid Learned Women: Blue stockings are out

    4) The Self Portrait, A Cultural History: Review

    5) Were the Pharoahs Literate: probably yes

    6) Asbestos in Painting: Watch out for those Byzantine wall murals…

    7) Time Capsule from WW1: found this heartbreaking

    8) Freaky 18 Century Masks: strangely frightening

    9) Hurrah, They’ve Found the Holy Grain Again! Spain

    10) 19 Cent Woman Suspicion Mad: Fanny Bergen

    11) African Cattle Origins: the Middle East?

    12) Catching Golden Eagles: in central Asia

    13) Dogs on the Titanic: loved this…

    And from the archive

    14) Cocaine in Ancient Egypt I’ve long wondered about this one. The experts’ reply beneath seems to deal with nicotine. Presumably cocaine was just a false reading or contamination in the lab. Any further thoughts?

    And other links: daylight saving time and heart attacks, and celebrity stunt doubles with the celebs (strangely jarring).