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  • History Roundup 59 including Monkey Suicide and FBI ESP April 5, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback


    Today’s post is on a year-long dance. As to links…

    1) Spontaneous Human Combustion: 1882

    2) Messing Around with ESP: FBI in the 1950a

    3) Turin Shroud and Crucifixion Type: Y or T

    4) Dig for Victory: WW1 Photographs

    5) Monkey Suicide: 19 cent pet care

    6) Bolsover Castle Garden: 17 cent masterpiece

    7) Don’t Build on Culloden: protesters defend battlefield from development

    8) Megalithic Money: Yap!

    9) Wizard of Oz Game: 1920s

    10) Humans Meet the Sabre Tooth Tiger: Germany

    11) Nixon in the FBI: his application!

    And from the archives:

    12) A Celtic Tribe in Kazakhstan The evidence is slight but attractive…

    Other links: abstract nouns we need back in English, will Britain leave the EU, fairy tale pictures, and why we dislike foreigners.