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  • History Roundup 77 including Island California and Camel Libraries April 24, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback


    1) 17 cent Intervention in Scottish Referendum: the king speaks!

    2) California an Island: old maps speak

    3) Message in a Baltic Bottle: just over a century…

    4) Toy Axes and Neanderthals: did they play?

    5) Original French Colonial Homes: Louisiana

    6) Ghost Wife: 18 Cent Painting

    7) Shakespeare’s Dictionary:Annotated!

    8) Lead Poisoning in Ancient Rome: Don’t drink the water!

    9) Tudor Foods: yuk and mmm.

    10) Blackhouse Vandalism: but is it art…

    11) Alphabetical Camel Library: this begs for more research!

    And from our archives…

    12) The Luftwaffe and Cruelty to Rabbits: the failed attack on Scapa

    Other links: nice naturalist horror/marvel story, Beast of Loch Morar, messing around in Russian lakes, depressing truth about peer reviews and fire and music instrument (don’t understand but impressive)