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  • History Roundup 78 including Blood Stains and Storm Archaeologists April 25, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback


    Today’s post on late white Indians in Brazil. Then:

    1) Mourning Ring: Turns up…

    2) Buy Your Part of the Space Race: Soviet capsule

    3) New WW1 Comic: Afro-Americans in the trenches

    4) Einstein’s Brain: Wanderings of

    5) Why Archaeologists Love Storms: Ireland

    6) Antarctic History: and ice chippings

    7) Rouse and Design: Remembering a visionary

    8) Swedish King: Bones analysed

    9) Possessed on Prince Edward’s Island: ‘she was brought last week to the Falconer Hospital for the Insane’

    10) Saving the Library at Timbuktu: from Al Quaeda

    11) Mysterious Blood Stains: 1912 news clipping

    and from the archives

    12) Kings having sex with horses in Ireland

    Other links: Africa in America (geology!), trapped in your head, Deer and Cold War lessons, strange Shakespeare game and Chinese Hair Helmets