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  • History Roundup 80 including Labyrinths and Earhart’s Plane April 27, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback


    1) The S in Ulysses S Grant: What does it stand for

    2) Last Titantic Letter: Over 100,000 dollars

    3) Charge of the Light Brigade: New witness accounts

    4) Russian Labyrinths in Stone: White Sea

    5) Atlit Yam, Underwater: ghostly pictures

    6) Earhart’s Plane: and legal squabbles

    7) 16 Century Facebook: a volume of friends

    8) The Davies Murder: Ghostly revenge

    9) Columbus and Scurvy: no lemons

    10) Kipling, WW1 and Grief: lovely piece

    11) When a Woman Became King: Delhi

    12) Cricket in Nazi Germany: English tour

    13) Who Was Racton Man: Priest or king or commoner

    And from our archives

    14) the Zambian Space Programme: an all time favourite

    Other links: Zombie Vak (teaching), words we owe to Shakespeare and plants frozen in time by impacts.