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  • History Roundup 83 including Archaeology by Spy Satellite April 30, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback


    Today’s post is the Index biography quiz and as to today’s links:

    1) Getting in Trouble at Harvard: 1700s

    2) Eyewitness at Yorktown: joy of newspapers

    3) The Spy Who Loved Me: Mata Hari’s last romp

    4) The Most Northerly Shipwreck? 1853

    5) Saving Minority Cultures: Syria

    6) Disappearing Pilots: and Fort getting his facts wrong

    7) Spy Satellites and Archaeology: finding cities

    8) Mustard and Railroads: old post but fascinating

    9) Concrete Brought Down the Roman Republic: ?

    And from the archives

    10) Vienna to the Baltic in Roman Times (forgotten Roman exploration in the far north)

    Other links: spot the hidden snow leopard (brilliant with kids) and spot the hidden Mandela