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  • History Roundup 107 including Fuselages, Four-Foot Combs and Fish Sauce May 30, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback


    Today’s post on islands and diseases. Today’s links, meanwhile…

    1) How to be a Beauty: 18 cent

    2) Iron Age Village: under Scottish town

    3) The Problem with Roman Fish Sauce: Garum!

    4) 600 Year Old Astronomical Sketch: comes to life

    5) Buy Hess’ Fuselage: late profit

    6) Four Feet Combs: Argentina

    7) Richard III and Twisted Spine: model and reasons

    8) Weird Roman Site Under Soccer Field: France

    9) If Russia Gets Gay With US:…

    10) Vikings in the Great Lakes: Michigan!

    11) Robert Bruce and Scottish Independence: Heir says no!

    and from our archives

    12) World Centre of Communication

    Other links: 15000 British Vampires, dead or meditating, live alone like Howard Hughes, and feral humans in North America.