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  • History Roundup 129 including Dracula’s Grave and Oldest Circumcision Image June 22, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback


    Today’s post on a starvation duel and today’s links follow

    1) Conan Doyle Speaking to the Dead: a letter

    2) Dracula’s Grave Found: in Italy?!!

    3) 5 Historic Myths: video

    4) Mystery Behind the Blue Room: Picasso

    5) From Turrets to Toilets: ‘the throne room’

    6) Sold Mein Kampf: now in trouble

    7) Chinese Decoy Tombs: which of 77

    8) Oldest Image of Circumcision: a little off the top…

    9) Egyptian Egyptologists? are there any

    10) Dr Zhivago and the Cold War (the greatest novel ever written?)

    11) Bannockburn Manuscript Restored! shivers…

    And from our archives

    12) Fairies and Aliens

    Other links: freezing fairies, new map of the Middle East and Ukrania (a huge fantasy land).