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  • History Roundup 130 including Blinking Child Mummy June 24, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback


    Today’s post on 17 cent Japanese in Spain (and their descendants) and here are today’s links.

    1) Mummy Eye Mystery: Haunted or Optical Illusion in Sicily

    2) Ancient Cave Paintings: Gilf Kebir Desert

    3) The Origins of Plymouth: New England

    4) Napoleon’s Canons Found: by Russian divers

    5) Back to Megiddo: the crown jewel of Levant archaeology

    6) Indian WW2 Victory: largely forgotten in India

    7) Don’t Mess with the Yellow River: the Chinese have been doing it for generations…

    8) Slocum’s Sinking: German-american tragedy

    9) Earliest New York Photo: beautifully undramatic

    10) Britain’s Top WW1 Ace: Albert Ball

    11) Hand Coloring the 19 Cent: wow

    12) Cornish Monument Back from Dead: for Summer Solstice

    13) Two Waterloo Children: remembering

    14) Lady Mayo’s Garden: Lost Irish paradise

    15) Spanish Civil War Treasure Hunt: Bunker Hunter

    and from the archives

    16) 18 Cent Scandinavian Merfolk

    Other links: Charles GouldĀ interesting cryptozoology book, and horrific ISIS attrocity photos (be warned).