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  • History Roundup 135 including Fake Founder and Meteorite Fragments June 29, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback


    1) Stonehenge Cowboy Builders: according to ‘historians’

    2) Chicago Gang Map: 1931

    3) Colliseum Medieval Bazaar: ?

    4) Fake Founder Quotes: A site rather than a post but fun

    5) Mother’s Letter to Soldier Son: WW1

    6) Revolutionary Sisters and the Spirit of Demosthenes: US 19 cent

    7) J.M Barrie’s Grave Desecrated! Peter Pan’s creator

    8) Shock Discovery of Chinese Tomb: photos are precious!!!

    9) Fejee Mermaid: Bowery Post

    10) Roman Curse Tablets Get Their Due: Unesco etc

    11) Meteorite Fragment in 9000 Year Old Hut: Poland

    12) In Search of the Summerians: great post on mysterious origins

    13) Last Photo: lyrical eerie post but the photo doesn’t work on my browser!!!

    and from the archives

    14) Skraelings and Demons in the far north

    Other links: the always interesting Hope Solo and Atmospheric Sprites (new to me)