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  • History Roundup 141 including Elephant Pigs and Communism on Mars July 6, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback

    surrender breda

    Today’s post on grave goods in the nineteenth century and today’s links follow:

    1) Urinating Lenin: Poland’s Revenge

    2) 18 Cent Marriage Customs: W&M

    3) Selling Bonnie Prince Charlie’s Hideout:

    4) Hellfire Cave: West Wycombe, UK

    5) Isn’t Widowhood Great: ?!?

    6) Elephant Pigs: and the Rothschilds?!?

    7) More on Amelia’s Rivet: with proper picture this time

    8) Nero’s Revolving Dining Room: and SH take from a couple of years ago

    9) Communism on Mars: those utopias

    10) Voting in the Constitutional Convention: who for what?

    and from the archives

    11) The Sausage War (as horrible as it gets, killing starving folk)

    Other links: Review of Eranos book, helping hedgehods, what happened to America’s freedom, google and flying dinos, an extraterrestial history of the world, and the disturbing art of Vsevolod.