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  • History Roundup 143 including the Father of Witchcraft July 8, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback

    surrender breda

    Today’s link is on a lost Roman history and today’s links follow:

    1) Weird Colour Theories: became a cult in the early 20 cent

    2) New Roman City: Egypt

    3) Oldest Down Syndrome: France, Late Roman or Post Roman

    4) The Oldest Sheet Music: actually stone music

    5) The Father of Witchcraft: Gerald Gardner (Beachcombing GG and mythical human sacrifice?)

    6) 18 Cent Dinner Parties: so much more fun

    7) Tracking WW1 Commonwealth Deaths: new website

    8) Amateur Finds Fort: Everglades

    9) Cave Hoard: Yorkshire!

    and from the archives

    10) Ecclesiastical Harem

    Other links: new fairy book from the archives of the Fairy Investigation Society, never mix tartan and floral, and killing buildings.