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  • History Roundup 144 including Extermination Map and Bitchy Margot July 9, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback

    surrender breda

    Today’s post is on a lost manuscript found (sometimes fairy stories come true) and today’s links

    1) Zuni Creation Myth: Adrienne and Dinosaurs

    2) The African Pit: Expedition into Pre-Human Prehistory!

    3) German and British Parliamentary Choirs Remember WW1: out of tune?

    4) US Map of Concentration and Extermination Camps: Pre liberation

    5) Bitchy Margot: Wartime diaries

    6) Phrenology Bust: but who?

    7) Arctic Finds: Northern Finland

    8) KGB Goes Online: Did they spy on you: or did you spy for them?

    9) Neanderthal-Human Skull: More interbreeding evidence?

    And from the archives

    10) Benbecula Mermaid Burial

    Other links: is prayer on exam cheating, and Pope Francis Does Exorcism