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  • History Roundup 157 including Lying Taxis July 25, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback

    surrender breda

    Today’s post on the singing war and today’s links follow:

    1) Big Hair Part II: how they did it…

    2) Ghandi to FDR: the letter

    3) Mammoth Tusk and the Olmecs: building tribute

    4) Piers Mackesy: obituary of military historian

    5) 200 Years of British Piers: pics

    6) Medieval Faces Reconstructed: from tram dig

    7) The Sigh! a georgian love weapon

    8) Nazi ‘Spy’ in Canada: video (and our take from several years ago)

    9) Mystery Skull: Wareham

    10) Taxis Didn’t Save France: WW1 Cobblers

    11) Advice from the Middle Ages: Mental Fl0ss

    and from the archives

    12) WW2’s Last Prisoner┬ánot Hess!

    Other links: Goth population at risk, and how to improve your luck.