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  • History Roundup 182 including Gypsy King and Roman Coin in Sweden August 21, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback

    august handshake

    Today’s post is on archaeological artwork from Cornwall and today’s links follow.

    1) Great Moments in Science: had twitter existed…

    2) Fishing for Monstrosities in Alexander Romances: big fish?

    3) Augustus’ Tomb! A toilet…

    4) Roman Gold Coin: in, er, Sweden

    5) Black Death Horror: Barcelona:

    6) King of the Gypsies: Lincolnshire

    7) Torpedo patent: and a hollywood star

    8) Two New Mayan Cities: and jaws of earth monster

    9) The Woman who crossed Australia on a camel in the 1970s: photos

    and from the archives

    10) Lincoln’s Prophetic Dream?

    Other links: Kate Bush and that voice, forgotten places, and young blood health cure,