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  • History Roundup 184 including Angels at Death and the First Selfies August 23, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback

    august handshake

    Today’s links follow.

    1) More Great Science Moments: had twitter existed (part one a couple of days ago)

    2) Freedom to Travel and the Right to Vote: early 20 cent women

    3) Heart Attacks and the USSR: the fat came rolling in…

    4) The First Selfies: American shots from the 1980s

    5) More on that 200 Year Old Bottle: 18% alcohol

    6) Little Angels at the Deathbed: last minute help?

    7) A Shot Neanderthal? debunked?

    8) Titanic and the Iceberg: freak or human error

    and from the archives

    9) Cave Art Cobblers (proving an important witch historian wrong)

    Other links: smart phone in a museum, the return of mustard, and when do personalities freeze?