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  • History Roundup 187 including Eating Holy Clay and European in Chinese Tomb August 27, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback

    august handshake

    Today’s links follow.

    1) Nudes as Unlikely Tribute: for the Somme?

    2) European in Chinese Tomb: sounds vaguely suspect

    3) Drunken Monkey: who smashed up a bar

    4) Prosecuting Rodents: Esoterx

    5) WW1 Medal: wishing well

    6) Britain’s Last Cavalry: Re-enacted

    7) Eating Holy Clay: OHB

    8) A Good Man in Rwanda: graphic

    9) Time for Tiffin: British relict in India

    and from the archives

    10) Bringing Back Flogging

    Other links: jupiter’s magnetic field, malaria mines of Venezuela, making extremists (the science), alien thigh bone and the last hermit.