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  • History Roundup 188 including Knocking Shrieking Night Noises August 28, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : History Roundups , trackback

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    Today’s post is a book review and today’s links follow.

    1) Cloudy with a Chance of Tempestarii: Esoterx

    2) The Oldest Oven in the World: Croatia

    3) Medieval Warrior from the Ice: Siberia!

    4) Knocking, Shrieking in the Night: English ghost

    5) Bad Taste History Story of 2014: wow

    6) Mystery Music: Icebergs, fields and mountains

    7) Medal of Honor: 150 years late

    8) Did the Japanese Have Comfort Women: controversy

    9) Conan Doyle’s Vision of War at Sea: submarines etc

    and from the archives

    10) Were Hyenas of Ethiopia

    Other links: town in brazil with no men, coming to guns earlythe gnomes of Austria are missing and Dawkins and Downs.