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Dr Beachcombing introduces himself…

Dr Beachcombing lives part of his time in the village of Little Snoring in an undisclosed English county (not Norfolk…) and the rest of his time in an undisclosed village in Tuscany.  He likes villages.

He is particularly curious about the strange and the unexpected in records of the past: exceptions that prove or disprove rules. He increasingly suspects that there are no rules, but that’s another story…

Over the years he has put together several bulging filing cabinets full of these strange and unexpected details. He has classified them very roughly into eleven categories – used as the organising principle of the blog.

1) Burning Libraries: books and texts that we have lost with a supplement on Invisible Libraries, books and texts that we imagined.

2) Cobblers: widely believed historical myths

3) Forgotten Kingdoms: the countries/states/ regni that time forgot.

4) Hinge Moments: the moments when history changed.

5) WIBT: ‘Wish I’d been there’ – moments that Beachcombing would have given up everything but his wedding ring to see.

6) Wrong Place: Exotic finds – things and people from afar.

7) Wrong Time: Harbingers and fossils, things and people that turn up in surprising time periods.

8 ) WtH: ‘What the Hell!’ My God! or even I don’t understand this reference AT ALL. Please help.

9) Rogue Researchers: Academics and scholars who use unconventional techniques.

10) Weird Wars: Soldiers and generals and mayhem in history.

11) Images: Striking but little known photographs and paintings that bring the past to life.

He’d also like to add one about famous horses and is plucking up the courage to do so.

He does not expect the following to  be read as a normal blog. It is more a ‘library of the damned’ that every so often the brave will turn up in internet searches.

As some people have already asked Beachcombing is coming clean: he has written several books (5/6), one that sold several hundred and one that sold several tens of thousands (actually one ten thousand and a large bit) but that was in another town and the wench is dead…

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