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I get many emails asking him: ‘Why can’t I leave comments on your blog?’

It is a reasonable question.

Well, at first I did not include comments because I was – to be frank – worried that no one would read the blog and it was a way of shielding my glass-like self esteem. Instead, I came up with the Beachcombed monthly posts of the best emails with the relevant parts cut and paste below the relevant posts.

With the passing of time I decided that the system I had stumbled upon worked well.

After all, in this way I can limit myself to including comments that substantially add to or detract from knowledge, while remaining true to my precious nineteenth-century empiricist world-view. I can also enjoy the witticisms of my readers in private through my email account and avoid spammers into the bargain.

What’s not to like?

I will always put up any half interesting comments, even if hostile to my point of view: cross heart and hope to die.

If I don’t answer in a week (or two) then something has gone wrong in my buckled brain or, more likely, in Yahoo’s buckled inbox. Write back!

drbeachcombing AT yahoo DOT com

Any correspondents please designate a name or a pseudonym that you wish to be known by!