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Imaginary Kingdoms September 3, 2013

Author: Beach Combing | in : Actualite, Contemporary, Modern
Imaginary Kingdoms

Beach has often featured forgotten kingdoms on this blog. But what about imaginary kingdoms? There seem, in the lives of some children, to be a moment when the young create a magical world for themselves that takes on a permanent form: perhaps a more (or less?) elaborate version of the invisible friend? These are often […]

A Faun’s Invisible Library December 21, 2011

Author: Beach Combing | in : Contemporary
A Faun's Invisible Library

Beachcombing used to think that there was nothing more terrible than being ill: fever, soar throat, all that mucus… However, in the last twenty four hours he’s discovered there is a worse condition and that’s being the only well person in a house when everyone else is ill. Yesterday’s dying by laughter is inviting by […]