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Terms and Characters

Actualité = from Little Miss B.’s birth to the present

Ancient = earliest times to 500 A.D.

Beach = Term of endearment sometimes used for Beachcombing

Beachcombing, Pater = Worrying tendencies, scarred Beachcombing’s childhood with politically suspect rants

Beachcombing, Little Ms = Beachcombing’s inestimable, computer busting infant daughter

Beachcombing, Mater = Beachcombing’s darling mother, now almost elderly in the Pacific Dominions


Beachcombing, Mrs = Beachcombing’s other half also known as ‘Mrs B’

Contemporary = First World War to birth of  Little Miss B


Dr = Beachcombing is one but it was all a terrible, terrible mistake

Dray = Beachcombing’s bookdealer of choice – shifty sort

 Lazarus = Noted engineer and kilt wearer

Little Snoring = the village of Beachcombing’s birth (not in Norfolk)

Medieval = 500-1500

Modern = 1500-1919


Paschal and Small Coloured Thing = Leading folk duo from out of the north-west, here pictured looking down upon an Italian Bradford – no salt on their food…

Raoul = Comes from the shadowy side of the Home Counties and has a doctorate in physics and a reputation for mayhem. Recently left one of Crawley’s most dangerous street gangs: good with animals, the elderly and children.

Snegly = Beachcombing’s computer help and general moan board – he lives in Leicester where he has been preparing one of the Midland’s largest mastodon collections.


 WANW = We are not worthy! (For important scholars)

WANW, WANW = We are not worthy x2! (For very important scholars)

WIBT = (Wish I’d been there) moments Beachcombing would have given anything (save his wedding ring) to see.

WtH = What the Hell! (Frankly Beach does not understand this or he is stupified)