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Josephus’ Armies in the Sky February 28, 2011

Author: Beach Combing | in : Ancient
Josephus' Armies in the Sky

One of the most celebrated reports from antiquity of bizarre goings on in the sky appears in Josephus, History of the Wars relating to c. 65 AD. Besides these, a few days after that feast [of the unleavened bread], on the twenty first day of the month of Artemisius, a certain prodigious and incredible phenomenon […]

Arthur’s Grave at Glastonbury Revisited: The Irish connection November 16, 2010

Author: Beach Combing | in : Medieval
Arthur's Grave at Glastonbury Revisited: The Irish connection

Beachcombing thought that today he would return to Arthur’s remains at Glastonbury, that extraordinary moment in the late twelfth century when the monks of Britain’s oldest monastery ’discovered’ Arthur’s body just outside their church: diggings revealed a trunk tomb and giant bones. True, Beachcombing looked at this matter several months ago, when he suggested that the bones might […]