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Rhyming with Death December 8, 2011

Author: Beach Combing | in : Contemporary, Medieval, Modern
Rhyming with Death

  Death concentrates the mind wonderfully and, at least in the east, a longstanding custom has been to pen a final poem: a last communiqué to the world. This custom stretches far back into the Middle Ages  and perhaps the greatest thing to recommend it is the brevity of the works in question So we […]

The Last ‘Battle’ of the Revenge August 28, 2010

Author: Beach Combing | in : Modern
The Last ‘Battle’ of the Revenge

                          Beachcombing is not a great one for anniversaries but for Flores, 31 August 1591, a naval ‘battle’ – if a fire-fight between a solitary ship, the Revenge, and three dozen enemy can be so called – he will make an exception. (Actually […]