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  • Beachcombed 3 September 1, 2010

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    Dear Readers,                                                                  End of August 2010

    Beachcombing wanted to thank all those who have written in with solutions or suggestions or witticisms in the last thirty days. He has taken care to include comments under individual posts but he particularly wants to give space and honour here to the emails relating to eight titles:

    1) Last Cavalry Charge:

    2) Battle of the Somme in London:

    3) The Last Elephant Charge in History:

    4) Nineteenth-century witchcraft:

    5) Missing Madog poem:

    6) Junia – Apostless.

    7) Roman Legionaries in Central Asia:

    8 ) Arab Pirates in Iceland:

    Beachcombing must finish by saying that he is now going away to a hermit’s cave for a few days of reflection (truly). He’s left the delicate task of publishing the posts with Mrs B that may have been a bad idea but he couldn’t work out how the automatic posting worked. (His normal computer allies Snegly and Raoul are AWOL). Beachcombing hopes to be back for early September and term. He will have to see if blogging is compatible with having four courses and seventy odd students. Peace! Love! Flowers!