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  • Beachcombed 9 March 1, 2011

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    Dear Readers, 1 March

    Beachcombing is coming out of hibernation with a certain relief. In the next fifteen days or so there will be a switch from WordPress to the new site aided by a redirect. More anon. In the meantime, here are some of the best comments and emails from the last month with the relevant links.



    PS A Beachcombing interview with Stacy is just up at Black Fridays.

    Climbing in Cambridge:

    St Christopher’s Dog Head:

    Fire from Heaven:

    Nuns Behaving Badly:

    Atlantean Flying Boats:

    Josephus’ Sky Chariots:

    Last Cavalry Charge:

    Mermaids on Man:

    Surviving Decapitation:

    Tiberius’s Glass:


    Total Eclipse:

    Bombing Hitler:

    Myth or Legend?

    America come lately:

    Curiosity Cabinets:

    Baby-Eating Eagles:

    Indian Coins in Ethiopia:

    Kudos to these correspondents and all others. Beachcombing wishes all readers an outstanding yet uneventful March.