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  • Beachcombing 15 September 1, 2011

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    1 September

    Dear Friends, this month has been an insane period as Beachcombing wrote, sleeping four hours a night, various academic tomes and articles. Apologies for late and short replying to emails then. However, it’s all ending. Tomorrow he has to go to speak to 200 students: the terror is mounting. Then just eight days before full term rigour sets in and all ‘proper’ writing ceases. Special thanks, btw, to the four bizarrists who sent missing articles from the British library and further afield.

    The most popular post this month, on the basis of emails received, was on human sacrifice and then dried cats. Beach’s personal favourite was taxis in the mid Atlantic and death diaries. The single most embarrassing mistake of the month was putting up a photo of the red fort in Delhi (with Indian flag!!) for a post on Pakistan… AKA how to die on the sub-continent.

    As he was so busy Beach didn’t do much exploring online. But enjoy this death site: if you are in the mood (thanks to Invisible). CAL sent in ancientlives where even you and you and you can become a papyrologist. Then luxuriate too in this new Robert Hawker forum, which promises great things: a place for those who love the eccentric’s eccentric.

    And now the comments.

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    Human Sacrifice:

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    Changeling on Man:

    Dried Cats:

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    Pregnant Witch:

    Strange Instruments:

    Death Diaries:

    Thanks and enjoy or, at least, survive September!