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  • Epiphany Gift: New Frontiers! January 6, 2013

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Contemporary , trackback

    The third Beachcombing epiphany gift follows: past gifts were War in Dollyland (2010) and Scary Fairies: Proto Edition (2011).

    In the search for information about the Fairy Investigation Society we were put onto New Frontiers by Stephen T (for which again many thanks!). New Frontiers was a short lived British paranormal magazine published in January and February 1947 then silence… The only way we could manage to actually get a copy was by buying the damn thing and as an act of revenge and as our epiphany gift we are putting it up for the whole web scanned: download from this online account, which has kindly been put at our disposal (thanks Raoul!). The download can be found on our source page: apologies to all those who were sent before to an outside source but the file was too big to put up without webmaster help.

    The scanning is pretty bad, because Beach just doesn’t have much experience in these things. But everything is legible at least. Kind of… We’ve bound the two existing numbers, handstitched in red. 100 sterling (or free to ST) should anyone be REALLY interested. Otherwise it will mature on Beach’s shelves for ten or twenty years and then get given to Oxfam.

    Contents include:


    S.G. Soal ‘The Present Status of Experimental Telepathy’

    Kenneth Walton ‘Strange Happenings in an Engineering Shop’

    W.D. Furneaux ‘An Experimental Approach to Astrology’

    R.P.Lambert ‘An Incident in the Great Indian Famine of 1899 and 1900’

    Ronald Lane ‘The Nature of Spiritualism’

    H.Heighton ‘Paranormal Cognition’

    B. Karberksi ‘Automatic Writing’

    Captain Q.C.A. Craufurd ‘Experiences of Thought Communication with Animals’

    W.E.Manning ‘A Case of Psychic Death’

    J.V.Jones ‘The Mystery of the Druids’

    C.S.Keller ‘Vanished Continents’

    F.G.Rayner ‘The Spreading Present Time Conception’


    Eric Frank Russell ‘Fort the Colossus’

    Captain Q.C.A.Craufurd ‘Bird Psychology’

    J.W.Banks ‘Charms’

    Frank A.King ‘Some Traditional Lucky and Unlucky Days’

    S.G.J.Ouseley ‘The Science of Psychometry’

    J.V.Jones ‘The Circle in Prehistory’

    Henry Wake ‘Psychical Phenomena’

    J.F.Burke ‘Psycho-analysis an Psychical Research’

    H.O’Hagan ‘The Half World’

    J.F.Burke ‘Don’t Look Too Far’

    W.F.Temple ‘Speaking from Experience’

    Ray Connel ‘Music as an Expression of Creative Thought’

    M.K.Hanson ‘Demonstration’

    Review: ‘Experimental Metaphysics’

    It would be interesting to know what actually happened to New Frontiers! Drbeachcombing AT yahoo DOT com