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  • Beachcombed 46 April 1, 2014

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    Dear Reader, In 30 days term ends and I say goodbye, bar some trifling summer courses, to the world for May, June, July, August and half of September and, finally, make some time to write. God is great and the anticipation is bucking me up no end. Other news: I’ve discovered kindle (wow, worthwhile technology), the garden is blooming and there is some other professional news that I’m not yet allowed to share with world. In any case, a good time is being had by all and here is to it continuing.

    As to Strange History I want to take the opportunity to thank, particularly, Wade, Amanda, Chris from Haunted Ohio Books, and Chris S who have sent me, day in day out, oodles of links and have made the history roundups credible.

    Yesterday’s Index Biography was Stevie Smith and Inow have to send a book to Hong Kong: aaargh… In all seriousness congrats to Chiverton. Apparently, as this point caused controversy, George Orwell had an argument with SS and then allegedly the two had sex in a public park, something, again allegedly, immortalised in a novel (of GO) and in a poem (of SS).

    There follow the most important 10,000 words of the month. Thanks to all contributors and also to Michael D and Leif who sent in such interesting comments that I’ll publish them in their own right as posts at a later date.

    Totalitarian Urban Myths: Southern Man brings up the Kims.

    Marco Polo Meets a Dragon: Michel plays the giant monitor card.

    Colonel Fowler and the Mammoth: Bob quotes Bernard Heuvelmans and Bruce cites David Thompson (1770-1857)!

    Declaring War: James corrected me, then Tacitus from Detritus remembers Franco, while Paul R despairs for Canada and MCJ for South Africa.

    Gold Detector: Michael Robinson writes in with a second and more detailed source.

    Kent Stone Throwings: Tomb Warrior writes in with the original article and Bob S with a supplementary source while Chris from Haunted Ohio Books remembers Ohio’s Rogue’s Hollow, and Nene also gets comparative.

    Oral Transmission in Australia: Southern Man corrects (too much of that this month sorry) and MACMAC knows of another similar Australian case.

    Poisonous Tomatoes: Jo remembers her Gran.

    Terracotta Army: MC puts all this in context with reference to the Greco-Bactarian Kingdom.

    Strange Camera Obscura: Invisible has a solution and David O explains terms that had eluded me.

    Human Drum: Lehmansterms gives detail of Yakusa trade in this field.

    Pope and Tanks: Southern Man blames Napoleon.

    Vikings and Disease in North America: Leif notes isolation, PAB (and Norm) talk human density,  Tacitus from Detritus wonders if there wasn’t a hidden outbreak and KMH points to the sea as a barrier.

    British Truth American Lies: Chris from Haunted Ohio Books  points to her own discussion of American myth making while KMH thinks of different cultural backgrounds.

    McConnel’s Passing: We got the source from Southern Man!

    Whose Child: Seb mentions Napoleon III and Weygand (!!!), Wade wonders about paternity stats more generally.

    Molotov: Tacitus from Detritus thinks of those who were Limoged in WW1

    The best of April to you all!