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  • Index Biography #12 October 31, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Contemporary , trackback


    *** Seb J got this with an hour to spare, spool down for the answer***

    The Index Biography is a new form of biography pioneered by this blog and introduced in a previous post. The creator must find a biography of a famous individual from history, they must turn to the index and write down eight peripheral facts about the individual’s life. We offered up previously here Sheridan le Fanu and Joseph Stalin (he of ripe banana fame) and these might stand as examples. The reader on the other hand must identify who is being described: think of it as a history version of balderdash. The prize  is a copy of the relevant and fun biography sent via Amazon for the first correct answer: the first claimed prize went to South Africa so we take our duties seriously; the last to Australia (and still hasn’t arrived). Now who is this in the contemporary tag?

    1) Often drunk

    2) Frequently described as gloomy

    3) Anti-semitic comments

    4) Marries a teacher

    5) Considered suicide after resignation

    6) Harsh father

    7) Paranoid

    8) Panic attacks (respiratory)




    Seb points out the answer is Richard Nixon