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  • The Index Biography #21, Prize a Good Book August 31, 2015

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Contemporary, Modern , trackback


    The Index Biography is a new form of biography pioneered by this blog and introduced in a previous post. The writer must find a biography of a famous individual from history, they must turn to the index and write down eight peripheral facts about the indivdual’s life. We offered up previously here Sheridan le Fanu and Joseph Stalin (he of ripe banana fame). The reader on the other hand must identify who is being described: think of it as a history version of balderdash. A good, but probably second-hand copy book to the winner.

    Chance meeting with Tenyson

    Convert to Catholicism

    Friend of Brittany


    Questions life work on death bed

    Son of a C of E vicar

    Wife a novelist

    Worked in a library for many years