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  • Regency Love Signs May 28, 2016

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Modern , trackback


    These were some interesting love tips from early nineteenth-century Britain. The sources is included, below, with apologies and joy, it is terribly wonderful. The good and bad signs are mixed naturally.

    If the maid has the first and last letters of her forename the same as the first and last letters of gentleman’s surname this is a very good sign. ‘Sarah meet Mr Smith’ and everyone sits up in their seats. Ditto if the man’s first and last letters are the same as the woman’s surname. Ditto, then, ‘Michael meet Miss McClennal’.

    If you wake up on Friday morning and think (spontaneously) of a person this is also a telling sign: ‘a demonstration that love, or extraordinary friendship will take place between them.’ If you want your subconscious to work some magic this is probably the safest from the list.

    A man is wearing a ring that falls off his finger and rolls to the feet of a maid: ‘it denotes not only that he is in love with the party, but that a sudden marriage will ensue between them.’ (Don’t try this trick – difficult to imagine it happening spontaneously – if there is more than one maid/widow in the environs. Rings are unpredictable rollers. Beach dropped his at his wedding…)

    If a woman should ‘drop’ her garter while going to see her sweetheart ‘it denotes that they will meet with a cold reception’. Not sure about this one. What does ‘drop’ here mean? drbeachcombing At yahoo DOT com

    Then there are the animal signs. Let’s keep these brief… robin at window (speedy marriage); hare on your right good love, hare on left rivals in love; bats at your window bad love; ravens croaking in morning bad love; sows while out walking means lots of kids; magpies around you, strife in marriage; pigeons seen in couples by you and your sweetheart ‘is a sign of marriage and happiness to ensue, with contentment’.

    The source is from this chapbook printed below, a favourite of mine in the last months.

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