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  • Tripadvisor Ghosts September 18, 2016

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Modern , trackback

    tripadvisor ghosts

    Beach is knackered and trapped in a public computer room after coming down to a large Italian city to see his middle daughter start school. While doing some correction work on ghosts and thinking about a recent bad experience in a hotel (idiot manager): his tired mind managed to knit the two together. Does, he thought, Tripadvisor do hauntings? After all, they do crème caramel, bed bugs and Mexican maids… One Google search later and suddenly the day became more interesting: a phonecall from his neophyte daughter at lunch helped too… Beach found a few tens of tripadvisor ghosts. Some were bad dreams (which seems a pretty unfair reason to give a hotel a low rating), some seem like hostile plants (particularly in an oriental context); some combined, in a beautiful way, the pedestrian with the paranormal.

     It was definitely a manifestation that could be called a haunting… One other thing I could not get the printer to work in the business center.


    Stayed here for our wedding anniversary, Elvis tribute night was really good, food was average staff were friendly,we only stayed 1 night as the following morning…

    She got ghost got.

    Here are four of the best Tripadvisor ghosts. Enjoy!

    Royal Lahaina

    We had a family reunion this past thanksgiving 2013 at the Royal Lahaina resort. My two girls, my wife and I stayed in the 3 bedroom cottage ‘U’. Our rooms were divided by two adjoining doors, with a kitchen and a living room in the middle. Our first two nights were pretty much uneventful, though we kept being aw[o]ken by doors slamming shut, that we chucked it up to the air conditioner. It was about 5:20 in the morning that I was aw[o]ken by a heavy weight on my chest which I fought through and sat up..Right on the edge of my bed near my feet I saw a little girl. I caught her reaching for my right foot which she proceeded to press down with her little hand. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing so I told myself it was my little one, [who] often comes to our bed at night when she is scared. I pulled the covers and told her to come in[to] bed with daddy. She stood up and just looked at me. So I told her again and she said noooo and started walking towards the bathroom. I got up and followed her calling her name, she dropped to all fours and walked into the bathroom. At this point I [k]new it wasn’t my daughter and I went across to check on my girls, [who] were still asleep. The next morning around the same time my wife wakes me up and tells me someone has slapped her butt. She tells me it was a small little hand. We laughed and go back to sleep. I am asleep when she feels someone is looking at her and catches movement above the headboard. She pans up and sees the little girl looking at her crouched down on the the headboard. One second she was there then she was gone. What freaked by wife out was our 5th day there when she was woken up by a woman screaming in her ear in Hawaiian.

    Overland Hotel Ghost

    I was staying in the sub-room side of #10 that is without a door, and my brother was in the area with the bathroom and closing door. At 4:00am, I awoke to see a type of faint shadowy figure in the foyer between our rooms – it moved into and around my room, and then went back out. I was a little freaked & startled, but figured it was just my imagination… nothing to worry about; after all, I was really tired. Around 4:30am the door to my brother’s area slammed shut, and then what sounded like a small ruckus started to happen. I was pretty tired, and figured he was just moving his bags around looking for something he lost, or was just frustrated with my occasional snoring. Moments later, into my room bursts my brother, completely freaked out and clearly upset. He said a shadowy being came into his room, slammed the door shut, and then attacked him by holding him down on his bed with a pillow to the point that he couldn’t even breathe, let alone yell for help. He said he struggled and tried everything he could to break free, but couldn’t… until it finally stopped and was gone. I heard the ruckus and it was real. He was scared to death! My brother went through Navy Seal training, and isn’t scared of anything… but this time he was REALLY SCARED! Believe what you want to. I don’t expect you to believe me or my brother. Room #10 in the Overland Hotel is absolutely haunted.

    The Brick Hotel Ghost

    I had 5 encounters with ghosts there, and I didn’t believe in them until now. In [room] 201, a woman was spotted. In 202, I was awakened by my doorknob jiggling and turning and the door making a sound as if being pushed against. Then I heard some sobbing. It happened a second time at 4am, without the sobbing. They don’t keep the doors closed there, so no air-pressure change was possible between the room and hallway. My room key was under the bed. I always keep keys in my pants pocket in case I have to run for work. One sandal was also missing. I always take off my sandals and drop my shorts on top of the sandals so I know where everything is. The other sandal was finally found on the other side of the room. This morning in 205, the shower turned suddenly cold. I turned around to see that the knob had moved 110 degrees and was a bit upset, enough not to spend the rest of my stay there.

    Dunes Manor Ghost

    The weird thing that happened was around 12:30am the last night we were there my 14 year old son woke me up to say he had seen an old lady walk across the room and go through the balcony door. He was wide awake when this happened as he was playing a game on his phone. He described her to me and I had him google a picture of Thelma Conner the former owner who had since past. Sure enough it was her, he had described her perfectly to me before ever seeing her picture or even knowing of her. So if you happen to stay in room 608 you may be able to say hello to the founder of the hotel. Just wondering if anyone else ever experienced anything like this while staying there. Would stay again.

    All these tripadvisor ghosts got Beach thinking. Are there other online sources that could be mined for the paranormal in this way? Tabloid comment pages, Cragis list etc etc drbeachcombing At yahoo DOT com

    Also impressed of the two chest sitting incidents: more on this another day.

    25 Sep 2016 and Chris from Haunted Ohio Books

    I suppose just googling “haunted hotel” would get you quite a few hotels or B&Bs who actually advertise that they are haunted. The Cashtown Inn in Gettysburg, for example, keeps a special book (a ghost book, rather than a guest book) where guests can write down their experiences. I think the evidentiary value of the book is dubious because guests can inspect it before their stay, perhaps making them more subject to the power of suggestion. Having stayed in more than a few allegedly haunted hotels/inns/b&bs, I wonder why anyone would deliberately and wantonly choose such an establishment if they valued their comfort.I did try searching a couple of state B&B directories with keyword “haunted,” but didn’t find anything. My question about TA is had the people who stayed at those places heard stories about the site before they went there? Or did they just have a general idea that it was “haunted”? A lot of haunted hotels/inns have their special “haunted room.” Room 7 in the Buxton Inn in Granville, Ohio, is the biggie, for example. Those kinds of things make it to the internet and I wonder if they get internalized by people Googling for reviews and flashing by other sites. Just a thought.