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  • Daily History Picture: Returning Home from Woodstock January 30, 2017

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Historical Pictures , trackback

    Another iconic photograph, presumably staged…

    23 Feb 2017: Bruce T ‘the latter started making the rounds about two years ago, it’s a phony. I was once picked up hitchhiking in the mid 70s by a group of guys who thought I was a topless girl. I had hair past my shoulders and was walking facing away from traffic with my thumb out, European style, instead of facing traffic in the American mode of hitchhiking.  It was a blazing hot day and I’d taken my shirt off. They jammed on the brakes and skidded off the road to pick me up. I ran up and jumped in the car. Almost in unison they said, “We thought yew wuz a gurl?” I said, “Do I look like a girl?” A bunch of “No’s” from the stoned and drunk geniuses. I then asked, “Have you ever seen a girl walking down the road topless?” The guy next to me, who was getting harder looks than I was, blurts out, “I saw it in a movie once!” The driver chuckled, “Yeah, a porn movie, you dumbass!” We all had a good laugh and they asked me where I was going. I said, “To the concert in town.” to which they replied “That’s where we’re going. We’ll give you a ride.” It was a weaving drive due to the drivers state of intoxication, but we made it to town and I made few friends.’