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  • Dumb Duels #6: Spanish Duel February 13, 2017

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Modern , trackback

    Sierra Exif JPEG

    Beach lived for three glorious years in Spain and there is something very Hispanic about the following Spanish duel. Honour, pain and everyone taking themselves a little too seriously. Two officers have decided to fight.

    The duellists are fencing experts of unusually high standard, and the bitterness between the two men was so great that it was generally believed the issue might be fatal. The Captain and his adversary left for the ground selected in two powerful motor cars, and succeeded out-distancing a third car containing the Chief of Police, who fought to arrest the parties concerned, the Spanish law prohibits duelling. The principals, however. with their seconds and doctors reached a field surrounded by wall, where they were to lock themselves in. When the Chief of Police came up, he found it necessary climb the wall, the top of which was amply provided with a covering of broken bottles. He then jumped from his perilous position and fell between the duellists, a distance of some 10 feet [!]. The combat, in which the two were engaged had been fought without injury to either of the participants, was at once brought to sudden termination, and the duelling party declared under arrest. The attention of the doctors, however, had to be concentrated on the unfortunate Chief of Police, whose hands, feet, and legs were bleeding profusely as a result of his experience on the top of the wall.


    Unlike many duels in this series the fate of the Spanish police chief is all to credible. Beach can see him hurling himself from the top of that wall, a fifty-year-old wanting to break his ankle.

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