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Unofficial Law and Order March 16, 2014

Author: Beach Combing | in : Contemporary, Modern
Unofficial Law and Order

Beach has recently been researching out in the bogs of eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Ireland so far beyond the pale that children are occasionally incinerated as changelings and there is one alleged case of a legal agent being stoned to death! This was a traditional rural society ruled over as much by priests as by the […]

The Law and Cauls October 25, 2013

Author: Beach Combing | in : Ancient, Medieval, Modern
The Law and Cauls

Long-time readers of the blog may remember several posts on cauls (the membrane that sometimes sticks to a child as he or she exits the womb). ‘Hooded’ children or caulbearers are often said to have psychic gifts. But there is also a tradition of excellence in law: the reason for the connection between these two […]

Fairies Investigated in Irish Court August 16, 2011

Author: Beach Combing | in : Modern
Fairies Investigated in Irish Court

Beach has been enjoying himself with fairies these last few months, looking at late eighteenth- and nineteenth-century news-reports from Britain and Ireland. What is curious is that fairies very often appear in the law pages of the newspapers. They do so typically in one of two guises: (i) child abuse because parents believe the child […]