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The Bull of Brandlesholme (another reason to avoid Lancashire) July 10, 2013

Author: Beach Combing | in : Modern
The Bull of Brandlesholme (another reason to avoid Lancashire)

A transcendental experience this morning in the wood: came face to face with a cow-sized wild boar that sniffed at me and then went to chew on a neighbour’s cherries. Medium-sized or large creatures in the wild often have a  magical quality: foxes and deer are a particular favourite. ‘The Lords of Life’, as Lawrence […]

The Isis Arms: Britain’s oldest pub October 13, 2010

Author: Beach Combing | in : Ancient
The Isis Arms: Britain's oldest pub

Beachcombing is having fun this week looking for off-the-beaten-track places in and around London for Canadian History Student. And this morning he is out on Tooley Street in Southwark seeking London and, indeed, Britain’s oldest pub, the Isis Arms. The pub in question was built in the first generation of Roman London, say, c. 70 […]