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Majorana’s Mysterious Disappearance October 11, 2012

Author: Beach Combing | in : Contemporary
Majorana's Mysterious Disappearance

***Dedicated to Cristiano and Mau*** Ettore Majorana (obit ?), a Sicilian who mysteriously disappeared in 1938, was an almost-genius in the field of theoretical physics: many of his ideas proved so insightful that they are still being explored today. The reminiscences of those who  worked with Majorana show that he was not only a remarkable […]

Electrifying Sheep June 3, 2012

Author: Beach Combing | in : Contemporary, Modern
Electrifying Sheep

Beachcombing has a terrible secret. He is not very good at science. Yes, he receives emails about astronomy and nuclear physics, aviation and genetics on a daily basis. But, while being fascinated, he understands almost none of what he reads there. In the autumn of his years it is simply too late to put this […]

Anticipating Email by Three Hundred Years February 3, 2012

Author: Beach Combing | in : Modern
Anticipating Email by Three Hundred Years

Beachcombing is in a technological mood and is looking for technologies that have been anticipated, against all odds, in previous ages. What about for example this late seventeenth-century anticipation of email: or perhaps we should be more modest and say the electric telegraph. But… to advance another instance. That men should confer at very distant […]