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  • Beachcombed 10 April 1, 2011

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    Dear Readers, 1 April

    Here is Beachcombing’s monthly round up of exceptional emails and comments. Unfortunately this post was accidentally published a couple of hours early through characteristic incompetence on Beachcombing’s part and he has not yet got all the emails and comments in place, which will now have to wait until next month’s Beachcombed. Beachcombing would also like to say that he is still struggling with his trusty friend Raoul to get the new website up but it is taking time… He’ll get there. Perhaps even before May. In the meantime, happy April Fool’s Day to all readers! And particularly thanks to correspondents!!


    Baby-stealing Eagles:

    Playing Solitaire in Hitler’s Bunker:

    Floating Yogis:

    Prehistoric Barrows:

    Flexible Roman Glass:

    Nationalising Women:

    First Greek Encounter with Parrots:

    Politicians and Maps:

    Goddess Queen Victoria:

    Josephus’ Sky Armies:

    Canadian Seances:

    Fairies as Pygmies:

    Last Foodtaster in history:

    Lancashire Kick Boxing:

    Coke-headed Spiders: