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  • Beachcombed 18 December 1, 2011

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Beachcombed , trackback

    Fraternal greetings to all readers!                                                             1 dec

    Beachcombing has had a bit of a tense month with various family members falling ill and repeated dreams about escaping from prison. This blog has, as so often, been a welcome distraction, growing appreciably  in terms of regular visitors: indeed, a correspondent wrote in a couple of weeks ago to say Google now rates strangehistory as the fourth history blog in the world. But would you trust Google? No, but really…

    The most popular post of the last month was on an episode of human combustion and witchcraft in eighteenth-century Suffolk. Most email was received over the DNA of Iceland and the possibility that an Amerindian woman was brought to the island sometime in the Middle Ages. Beach, meanwhile, if forced to choose, would point new or passing readers in the direction of the FIS, self decapitation in the middle ages and papal orgies.

    Offworld there is a wealth of stuff to choose from. Beachcombing hopes to write soon about the Zambian space programme, but in the meantime here is To Mars! Or what about a breakdown of our television viewing on the serious stations? Ricardo sent in this fabulous piece on Wikipedia. And KMH kindly sent in a piece on the aether that is remarkable and exciting: at least, if Beachcombing understood correctly – no scientist he.

    Then there is below a round up of the best emails from the last thirty days, the ten thousand most important words added to the blog in November. Look out for such highlights as CCBC on the British sasquatch, Invisible on marriage advice (the Irish nuns are wonderful) and David Counsell on cocaine (or lack of) in Egyptian mummies.

    Thanks again to all and happy December!


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