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  • Beachcombed 25 July 1, 2012

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Beachcombed , trackback

    Dear Readers, it is that time again. The ten-thousand best words on this blog from June are summarized below. We have everything from Invisible on BVM and Fairies, Splendid Chap on Marjorie Johnson (RIP), Sarah Schechner on Elizabethan telescopes, Prof Françoise Villedieu on Nero’s rotating dining room and Michael Lauck and Mike Dash on conjuring history books. What could be better? For Beach the prize goes to S&B for the picture of the dying Evita.

    Beach would also like to turn interested viewers towards a few ‘cute’ links sent in by readers. Enjoy Peta’s insane jump into the world of porn; a shin-kicking competitions in the Cotswolds; the execution of a male sorcerer in Saudia Arabia; claiming space; Bertrand Russell’s liberal decalogue; thunderbirds; free books in Saskatoon; weird placenames; academics and change; and the abuse of historical analogues. Then a couple of fairy links including this incredible Corn Field fairy make of it what you will; and leprechauns in Seattle (naturally) with African Fairy Rings. Beach has also put up now the alphabet of history links for July. Thanks again to all who took the trouble to email these.

    No more time as Beach has to look after his daughters while Mrs B heads off to mass: some duties we cannot escape…

    Madonna and Fairies:

    Sixteenth-century Conjuring:

    Cruelty in the Orient:

    Desperately Seeking Marjorie:


    Islam Makes Europe:

    Lewis Chessmen:

    Roman Japan:

    Worthless Currencies:

    Thomas Digges:

    Tree Rings and Supernovas:


    Digital Library:


    Cellini and the Salamander:

    Champion of the World:

    Children’s History:

    All Hail the Male Witch:

    Sea Apes:

    Nero’s Rotating Dining Room:


    17 Cent English Dragons:

    Stalin suffering the Children:

    Self Immolation:

    Talking Dog:

    Disney and Darkness:


    Undead in Bulgaria:

    Burying Babies:

    Monger-Goss Theory:

    Snake Scare:


    Ginx’s Baby:


    Speakers and Crowds: