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  • Beachcombed 34 April 1, 2013

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Beachcombed , trackback

    beach hallucination

    Dear Reader, March was a dark time in the Beachcombing family. Snow-white the family hamster died under unfortunate circumstances: actually my fault. Elder daughter began collecting worms. Younger daughter teeth. The adults had an enjoyable bout of flu that led this blogger into low grade hallucinations on his sick bed: violets falling from the sky… And deadlines pressed in hard and ruthless like steel blades. The lack of daffodils and sunshine in a country usually famed for vitamin D did not help either. In fact, we’ve still got the central heating on when normally we’d be fanning each other and killing flies. The really important thing though is that in a month time term ends and then there are four glorious months to research, visit friends and experiment with new computer games and comic books. Might even read a Russian novel or two. All this a way of saying that for the next month or so Beach is going to be worryingly bad at replying to emails but that after that he will clear the Augean stables of his yahoo account. There follow two lists here. The first a handful of the most interesting news articles read by us. The second, 26 of the best history articles sent in by readers. A huge thanks as always to all readers and all hail!

    And now the most important 10,000 words of the last month with huge thanks to all readers… Lots of emails still not edited. Sorry.

    Capital Problems:


    Digging up a River:

    Zen Brothers and Names:

    Military Reincarnation:

    Fairy Witches 1#:

    Mass Misunderstandings:


    Lord Acton:

    Nessa Fornario:

    Tanfield Valley:

    Irish Ghost and Irish Court:

    Voting Diaspora:

    Pope is Catholic:

    Teenagers and History:

    Dutch Mermaid:


    Padre Pio:

    Lucy Bruce:

    Godly Tape Recorder: