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  • Dreaming Murder in Parliament #6: The Bude Kirk Rumours October 20, 2013

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Modern , trackback


    Now consider this strange little annex, in Lang.

    One very curious circumstance in connection with the assassination of Mr. Perceval has never been noticed. A rumour or report of the deed reached Bude Kirk, a village near Annan, on the night of Sunday, May 10, a day before the crime was committed! This was stated in the Dumfries and Galloway Courier, and copied in The Times of May 25. On May 28, the Perth Courier quotes the Dumfries paper, and adds that ‘the Rev. Mr. Yorstoun, minister of Hoddam (ob. 1833), has visited Bude Kirk and has obtained the most satisfactory proof of the rumour having existed’ on May 10, but the rumour cannot be traced to its source.

    Beach has gone to the trouble of tracking down some reports from the time just to give as much space as possible to this curiosity.

    One dark and mysterious circumstance connected with the assassination of the Prime Minister, we cannot omit to mention, as, however strange and unaccountable it may appear, we can safely pledge our own credit, and we are authorised likewise to pledge the credit of a much respected and highly judicious clerical friend, in vouching for its truth. On the night of Sunday, the 10th instant, 24 hours before the fatal deed was perpetrated, a report was brought, it is not yet known from what quarter, to Bridekirk, a village about two miles from Annan, that Mr Perceval was shot in his way to the House of Commons, at the door in the lobby of that house! This most remarkable fact the whole of the inhabitants of that village are ready to attest, as the report quickly spread, and became on Monday the universal topic of conversation. The clergyman to whom we have alluded, and who allows us to make use of his name, is Mr Yorstoun, Minister of Hoddoun. This genteleman with a laudable zeal, went to the spot, and carefully investigated the rumour, with the view of tracing it to its source, but has not hithertoo been successful, although he has obtained the most satisfactory proof of its having existed at the time we have mentioned. Dumfries and Galloway Courier.

    Then the disclaimer:

    The report which has been circulated respecting the death of Mr Perceval having been known at a village near Annan, 24 hours previous to the unfortunate event, we have authority to say is founded upon misapprehension. An official inquiry has taken place, and though not finished, there are sufficient grounds to conclude that the report originated from the murder of one of the manufacturers in England, in the late disgraceful riots. Dumfries Journal.

    These riots were the acts of violence in the industrial heartlands of England, which had taken place in the previous month and which had made Perceval and his administration still more unpopular. We forget how different a world is where news in not instantaneous. Thoughts on this? drbeachcombing AT yahoo DOT com