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  • Beachcombed 45 March 1, 2014

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Beachcombed , trackback

    cold beach

    A fairly pleasant month has been overshadowed by  internet service has exploding in my corner of the Italian countryside. So as most of this has been tapped out on a phone must be brief. Thanks particularly to all those who sent links in for the roundups. None of those for a couple of days while internet away. thanks too for all those who spoke up on posts in the last month! Have a great March and note that Bechcombing is now on something called Facebook.

    Mystery Earthquake in Scotland: Wade solves (to my mind) the earthquake mystery

    French sword from China: JH and MC both make the case that China is out

    Atures Parrot: Progress on the parrot (which WvH never saw?) thanks to Richard

    Epilepsy Cure: Even better cure involving silence and a ferret from Invisible

    Late Finns: Chris with some great examples and Leif with a sobering discussion of terminology and confusion.

    Meteor and Plato: ANL fights back over Egypt and KMH on meteorites and Atlantis

    Smallpox: James and Invisible with new sources

    Dark Age Scotland without Oxygen: WRP suggests that Dark Age coal may have figured!

    Tomatoes and Poison: Louis brings up Quinoa

    Mardi Gras: John M points to Mobile for an American first

    Mammoth in Alaska: Wade and KR with some mammoth links.

    Finn, Snow and Magic: Leif with a great picture

    First Glider: Nathaniel makes a basic correction: Spencer was not the first glider pilot.

    Shamanic Account Iceland: Leif with a living kicking shamanic account

    Magic Bathing: KR plays the bullfinch card

    First Moustache: Invisible turns to Egypt and scores on the earliest moustache: KR and Borky also write in.

    Nessie: Mike Dash on camels and cryptos.

    Good Italy Bad Italy: Chiara on unspoken rules

    Ranties: KR looks at Ranty in North America and ANL on language problems

    American Fairies: Michael C. wonders about Australia, Chris mentions aliens.

    Submarine Weapons before Torpedoes: Brayton sends some other weapons in and Mike and Southen Man send in little known publications.