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  • The Ghost that Sat on my Chest October 4, 2016

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Actualite , trackback


    A few days ago Beach had some Tripadvisor hotel fun looking at the variety of ghost/haunting/poltergeist experiences reported there. What most impressed him from his small sample was the number of incidents when the witnesses felt something pressing down on them. Two of these hauntings were quoted then, the rest are new. All italics Beach’s own.

    Angus Hotel

    [W]e only stayed 1 night as the following morning my husband went to the restraint to get milk while I stayed in bed only shortly after my husband left the room something scrambled across the floor jumped on the bed and pinned me down down, I could not move or speak and was only able to again after my husband turned the door handle to enter the room, I had marks across my chest, I have never experienced this in my life and will never go back there.

    Cedar Lodge

    Staff members at reception Maurice and Marie were rude but the being that awoke me at midnight by laying on my chest and making it difficult to breath was yet something else. When I asked staff if room 3924 was haunted Marie again looked at us like we were idiots. great location. outdated room, over priced and crappy ghost. Just read someone else review and looks like we are not the only ones to meet Casper the A Hole Ghost.

    El Tovar

    About 1AM, my wife was awakened by someone running their finger across her lips. She looked at me but I was asleep and on the other side of the bed. She shrugged it off and went back to sleep. A short time later someone grabbed the toe of her foot that was sticking out of the covers. She felt a presence of someone standing next to her. She could not move for some time out of fear, and then got up and went to the bathroom, came back to bed and drifted off after awhile.

    Hotel Monteleone

    Now what I’m about to say is totally out of character as I am not a believer, BUT my 2nd night of a three night stay included an unwanted guest. I was woken by what felt like a great weight on my chest, I couldn’t move as someone or something was holding me down, I struggled and can say with hand on heart that I was awake and not effected by anything illegal. The thing fought back with me for what felt like minutes but was probably 10 seconds. In front of me was what I would say looked like fog but had no smell. The thing disappeared as quickly as it came, I got out of bed, turned the lights on and “nothing”.

    Hotel Saloon

    I heard what it seems like everybody hears, running down the hall….it woke me up, but just, so I did not open my eyes…its a hotel after all, nothing abnormal about hearing people moving around. Well since I was only half awake, I turned over from my belly to my side…kind of. My bottom half went all the way over to my back, but my upper torso only turned to my side. At which point I heard a little bang then a felt a big flop! I have dogs at home, they are little 10 pounders, but they jump on the bed all the time, so I am somewhat used to being landed on, and subsequently layed upon. That’s what it was that I felt an hour and a half ago. The slight tug on the bedspread, the paws from the bottom of the bed up to my arms and chest. I must have had my arms near my chest folded, because I felt what was a long haired dog on my chest, his/her legs pinning my left arm down and body stretching over to my chest and right arm and, get this…panting…in my right ear!! Plop! The dog plopped right on my chest and began panting in my ear!

    Overland Hotel

    Moments later, into my room bursts my brother, completely freaked out and clearly upset. He said a shadowy being came into his room, slammed the door shut, and then attacked him by holding him down on his bed with a pillow to the point that he couldn’t even breathe, let alone yell for help. He said he struggled and tried everything he could to break free, but couldn’t… until it finally stopped and was gone. I heard the ruckus and it was real. He was scared to death! My brother went through Navy Seal training, and isn’t scared of anything… but this time he was REALLY SCARED!

    Palace Hotel

    My sub-conscious was not easily fooled and my slumber was fitful, the feeling of heavy weights on my chest cause me to wake in the early hours hot and aching. I went to the bathroom for a drink, in the twilight and for a split second, no more than a moment, I caught a shadow of movement in the door pane.

    Royal Lahaina

    It was about 5:20 in the morning that I was awaken by a heavy weight on my chest which I fought through and sat up. Right on the edge of my bed near my feet I saw a little girl. I caught her reaching for my right foot which she proceeded to press down with her little hand. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing so I told myself it was my little one, which she often comes to our bed at night when she is scared. I pulled the covers and told her to come in bed with daddy. She stood up and just looked at me. So I told her again and she said noooo and started walking towards the bathroom. I got up and followed her calling her name, she dropped to all fours and walked into the bathroom. At this point I [k]new it wasn’t my daughter and I went across to check on my girls, which were still asleep.

    Somewhere in New Orleans

    Fact in the middle of the night in my hotel room I felt a presence right next to me the applied pressure to my neck, chest and feet. I tried to scream out my husband’s name and nothing came out, I continued to try because I felt that the presence was going to try to cause harm to me and my husband, during this time my husband was sound asleep. Finally after a few minutes of continually trying to scream and nothing coming out, I finally got one through. At that time my husband woke up and the presence went away. Now was I awake or sleeping the whole time? I honestly was not able to tell.

    This is  a remarkable group because it is such a significant part of the sample: tripadvisor ghosts. About a fifth of all ghost reports involved pressure being put down on the body, particularly the chest. Now, of course, there is a fairly straightforward medical explanation for what is going on: the hag. But Beach had not expected these many: is this the main explanation for night-time visions? Note, too, three (related?) examples where negative experiences were felt as pressure on the chest by someone who is clearly awake.

    Congress Plaza Hotel

    I stayed on the 25th with my family. In room 441. That place is definitely haunted. North tower 12th floor makes you feel like someone is pushing in on ur chest and you feel dizzy just walking. I had to stop a few times.

    Dominican Hotel

    Okay nights 1-4 the room was uncomfortable, but bearable, half the time my husband and I where completed loaded so we would be out all day/night and just go back to the room to pass out so we didn’t notice to much of what was going on. The room had this  REALLY heavy negative vibe like as if it was stuffy, or if someone was pushing on your chest, really hard to describe unless you where in it.

    North Kapunda Hotel

    Before we started the ghost tour we enjoyed a lovely meal at The North Kapunda Hotel. The tour it self was very informative, and had great opportunities for questions and photo’s. But the best part of the tour was back at the hotel where we were given the opportunity to do our own investigation. We didn’t see anything but felt pressure on my chest when we walked into one room. I would definitely do this tour again in a heart beat.

    Lots of people wrote in with the hag as an explanation.

    31 Oct 2016:  Chris from Haunted Ohio Books ‘To play devil’s advocate, the hag in a hotel room MIGHT be explained by the sleeper being put into a different posture due to a strange mattress/pillow configuration. I know that if I don’t travel with my trusty pillow, I may get a neck/headache the next morning. Hotel-induced apnea? If the guest is of a fearful disposition and has been told that the hotel is haunted, overproduction of cortisol might also leave them short of breath and feeling pressure. I am not sure if it is true or not, but I’ve been told that, in some people, adrenaline production goes up at night; which might also cause panic symptoms. (It apparently causes 3 am waking.) Other possible explanations for the pressure on the chest, waking or sleeping, could be a) sensitivity to cleaning solutions used at the facility b) mold/mildew or c) hyperventilation from fear. There have also been studies about how some hotels do not actually change sheets between guests and the filth of the hotel bedspread is proverbial. Sensitive guests may be picking up on former residents’ perfume, toiletries, smoke, or pheromones. Or, just to consider every possibility,perhaps some people are just more sensitive to “psychic atmosphere” than others. But why so much chest pressure? Why not itchy feet or blurry vision or some other physical symptom?